12-Week Wholesale Intensive

 Twelve-week Wholesale Intensive – Revenue Growth and Brand Exposure


This is the perfect opportunity to work one-on-one with me to grow your business via wholesale.  Let me guide you through the process of creating your pitch package to landing your first wholesale account. Together we will address the various elements of wholesale, from properly pricing your products for wholesale to product line sheets to preparing for your sales pitch meetings.

Do any of these issues sound familiar?


You want to grow your business with wholesale but you aren’t sure where to begin.

– Imagine if your wholesale accounts helped carry your business through slower selling months.  In this intensive, we will cover all the essentials of wholesale, including a break down what wholesale is, how to get started

You have made a few attempts to reach out to retailers but didn’t hear back from them.

– I have the perfect solution to that. Together we will implement a no-nonsense, concise sales pitch to land the retail accounts you are going after.

You aren’t sure how to price your products for wholesale.

What if you didn’t have to be a guessing game with overpricing or underpricing your products. let me show you an easy formula to help you find your perfect price point.

You think wholesale is only for larger companies.

– Truth alert! Even brand new companies can begin wholesaling. Your company size doesn’t determine your ability to gain wholesale accounts.




12-week course intensive includes:

-Twelve x one-hour call sessions

-Weekly email support and progress checks

-Custom Marketing Plan (30/60/90 marketing plan)

-Pricing and Pitch Guide

-Wholesale Fundamentals Guide

-Pitch Meeting Preparation

-Line Sheet Template

I Need This

I look forward to speaking with you in the coming days about how we can work together and address your specific business needs. Let’s set you up for an incredible 2017!


What others are saying about this intensive:

“Working with Jeanine was an absolute pleasure and uber helpful for my business. In the timespan of 4 weeks, I gained so much knowledge and was able to land my first wholesale account. Jeanine helped me brainstorm new ideas that were so beneficial to my business and will continue to help me in the future. Sometimes you spend so much time working on your business that you miss the things right in front of you so having another set of eyes is a game changer. Jeanine is seriously the absolute best. “~ Jen Zeano, owner of Jen Zeano Designs.