Meet My Mentors


In life, we all have mentors who not only inspire us along the way but also teach us to become better at what we are pursuing. Below, you will find a list of some of my mentors (in no particular order).

JJ WATT– Aside from his incredible athletic domination, he also has an insane work ethic that I truly admire. JJ is a man truly dedicated to his craft and stopping at nothing to be the best he can be. I admire that kind of tireless dedication to his goals and his ability to stay focused on his goals despite the challenges (watch this clip) . He puts in the work and makes the sacrifices needed to be the top athlete he has become. JJ WATT isn’t someone who takes shortcuts to get where he is going and that alone is something to be admired. Furthermore, his commitment to his community via his foundation that helps provide grants for funding to schools and organizations in need is worth taking note of.

Lisa Altman Owner of Viva Pops – Lisa is a beautiful artsy spirit that I adore. She is extremely dedicated to ethical business practices, healthy living and tirelessly devoted to bettering her community. Lisa has built her brand on good ethics, hard work and spreading positivity. Her amazing artisan pops have been written about in numerous publications, served at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and have helped raise funds for countless charitable causes. Her passion for animals is highlighted by the pup pop offerings, and all proceeds benefit local animal rescues. Lisa has been a notable part of the San Diego food scene for years, and she continues to build her business Viva Pops one delectable pop at a time.

Gary Vaynerchuk – If you do not recognize this name you must be living under a rock. Gary is one of my biggest motivators. He is a straight up no-nonsense shoot from the hip kind of guy, and I love that. Gary has built a dedicated following by being himself, profanity and all while killing it in the business game. His YouTube channel (click here and I recommend you start with this video because if you don’t get this, you won’t get Gary nor why he is on my list) is a great place to find motivation and learn a thing or two. Gary has built his empire via hard work, and an insane work ethic (JJ Watt may have taken a few pages from him) and the determination to share his knowledge and empower others. He is someone who I have tremendous respect for because of his passion for sharing his experiences and knowledge so freely.  Below is a list of his books, which I HIGHLY recommend. To learn, you must study, learn from his mistakes and find your inspiration.


Bethenny Frankel – If you haven’t figured it out I am all for the outspoken, brash, ballsy types and Ms. Bethenny Frankel is another no-nonsense, straight up, tough business woman and I admire her for that. She has very publicly built her brand from nothing to a multi-million dollar global brand. She continues to inspire women everywhere to pursue their dreams and be competitors in a man’s world.


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – I stumbled upon her blog Making Sense of Cents, and it is what inspired me to start my blog. I loved her posts on getting out of debt and how she continues to save money for her future. She is also absolutely KILLING the affiliate game. Her last monthly income report was over $100k in affiliate income alone! Hello! She is doing incredible things when it comes to affiliate marketing, and she recently launched a course so that you can learn how she built her affiliate game.