Building Your Business

Some of the components of  Building Your Business  are:

  • 10 Modules

Each module covers a different aspect of establishing your business. From discovering your business concept, drafting your business plan, raising the funds to secure your business, tips on how to best market your business and how to steadily grow your brand.

  • 4 Unit Quizzes

Don’t stress, if you do the work these are easy to pass. These are great tools to help you retain the information you are learning.

  • 10 Section Videos

Each video is tailored to offer further insights and examples that correlate to each topic.

  • 10 Downloadable Worksheets

Each element of this course will have downloadable worksheets for you to print and use. Enabling you to work on this course both on and offline.

  • FAQ

I have compiled a list of FAQ’s that are the top questions I have received about each element of building your business.

  • Weekly Q & A Session

Every week you will have the opportunity to ask me questions during our Q&A sessions.

  • Resource Library

You will have access to an awesome resource library.

Building Your Business

Building Your Business

 Building Your Business  IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF:

  • You’re ready to build your business but are unsure of where to begin
  • You are overwhelmed with business and need clear direction
  • You are interested in implementing new techniques to help you market your business
  • You need to raise working capital without taking on more debt via a loan
  • You want to ensure your next product launch is successful
  • You’re ready to lay a solid foundation for your business

This course was designed to help you no matter where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey. This course is self-paced and jam packed with tidbits and tools to help you truly build a successful business. I have poured my heart into creating this fantastic course. This is a course that I wish was around when I first started.

As a small business owner, I understand the pressures and struggles you face, and I want to help you achieve your goals. Building Your Business is a multi-module course with downloadable worksheets, short videos, and useful resources. I know when you are trying to start a business that you are pulled in various directions. For that reason, I have chosen to keep this a self-paced course. Work on it, bit by bit until you finish.

When you enroll in Building Your Businessyou will receive lifetime access to the course and the resource library including all updated material. Access to the discussion forums where you can interact with other small business owners. There will be unit quizzes and exclusive offers. You will also receive, The Business Ref’s Playbook e-mail updates (be the first to know about e-course updates, new products, and materials) and a weekly Q&A session. I am there to walk you through this, and you can shoot me an email anytime you have a question or need help. I will respond to you within 48 hours.

As I said, this course is jam-packed with goodies, and you will not want to miss out. Building Your Business enroll today for the reduced price of $238.00.