7 Things to Consider When Creating Your Website


What does your website say about your business currently? Let’s take a hard look at it and see where you can improve and draw in more visitors. There are many factors to creating a website and you want to ensure that your tribe not only comes to visit your site but lingers. Your content most be of high quality but that isn’t all. Let’s dissect some of the elements that make a great website. *This post may contain affiliate links, by clicking on them you are helping to support this sweet little blog of mine (read my disclaimer policy).*

Hosting and Domain Name 

What do you get when you pay for hosting and a domain name? Well, when looking for hosting needs think of what you want to use your website, e-commerce store or blog for. Will you need multiple users to be able to access your dashboard? Most companies that offer domain name and hosting will offer an email address with your subscription. Depending on how many employees you have you may need several email accounts. You may want to utilize Gmail for your business. Always shop your options and find what will work best for you.

I love working with BlueHost! Their customer service is wonderful and their rates are very budget friendly. You are required to pay upfront for at least a year subscription however, they do have a 30-day money back guarantee. If your experience is anything like mine you will not be contacting them for a refund 🙂 Currently you can purchase a yearly subscription for roughly $75.00 there are upgrades you can add on to customize your subscription and that will drive your price up.


Your website is your way to connect with your tribe online. It is very important that you are consistent with your branding throughout your website.  Stay within the same color schemes and fonts from page to page or graphic to graphics. Your logo should be prominent and easily identifiable. Need help with your branding? Head over to Brand Marketing Tips and let Lucy and Miriam help you out. Their collective years of experience and awesomeness will help you craft the perfect branding for your business.


Your site needs to be easy to navigate because if it is not you will lose readers/followers. The overall look and feel of your site are completely subjective to your personal taste, however, it still needs to be easy for your readers to find the material they are looking for.  You need to consider the fonts you use and how easy it will be for your readers to read. Some script is just too difficult to try and decipher, although the aesthetic may be pleasing to you it may be a nightmare for your readers.  If you are in need of a great graphic designer you should check out Kristi  owner of K Glyphics. She has done some awesome work and is always looking for her next fun project.

Social Media

When you are ready to purchase your hosting and domain name (typically purchased together but not required) I highly recommend you also secure your user handles for each of your social media accounts as well. You can search social media sites to see if anyone is using your desired name prior to trying to register it. This way you can ensure that any potential customers or clients can easily find your social media account when searching for your brand.

I do recommend you use scheduling tools such as Tailwind, Hootsuite, and Later to help with your social media posts (you can read more about each here). This will make your life a bit easier when you can schedule some of your social media posts in advance. Do not forget you still need to be interactive on your social media sites but not having to worry about remembering to post about your latest blog post has its advantages. Utilizing scheduling tools can help when planning for a product or services launch as well.

Email List Subscriptions

Utilize opt-in forms to help grow your email list. Using services such as AWeber can help. You want to capture your customers/clients who want to hear from you. An email list is a great way to promote your services and the best part is that an email list is comprised of those who want to stay updated about your business. This is the most valuable asset to any business and the one area I highly recommend focusing on.  AWeber currently offers a 30-day FREE trial, click here to start your free trial.

Affiliate Income

If you are not currently using affiliate links on your website you should be. It can be a great way to earn extra income. Do not overlook this form of revenue. I highly recommend only promoting products/companies/services that you personally use and can genuinely recommend. It is the rule I abide by. Your readers will appreciate your honest review of products you use and they will trust your insights. You can join some of the below-listed networks and find the right opportunities for you.


Share-A-Sale is a fantastic community with thousands of retailers you can potentially affiliate with. Regardless of your niche, you can find a product/retailer to work with. This network is free to join and a wonderful resource to earn some extra money through your blog. You can read an excellent post here  by Lisa Koivu from Oh, She Blogs .

Amazon Who doesn’t love Amazon? Anything I need I can find on Amazon. If you choose to join their affiliate program you can earn up to 7% on all sales completed using your affiliate code. This program is not available in all states so please be sure to check and see if where you live is part of their program. This network is free to join.

There you have it, some of the basics you need to consider when creating your new website. Always remember that your website will “speak” to your consumers before they get to really know you. What does your website currently say about your brand? Are you ready to level up your business? Enroll in my E-Course, Building Your Business Online Course and start building the business of your dreams today.

Cheers to Your Success!

Ref J

What is your favorite tool that you use to create your website? Please remember that I am sharing what I have learned in over a decade of helping small businesses grow and succeed. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely that of The Business Ref and should be considered as such. None of the opinions expressed within this blog should be taken as personalized advice. Always consult with your advisor prior to making any decisions regarding your business. Remember, sharing is caring. If you have found this blog helpful, please share it with someone.



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