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Every website needs a reliable, trustworthy host provider. Why not use Bluehost, over two million website owners trust them and you should too. Did you know that Bluehost is the only hosting provider that is endorsed by WordPress (the world’s best blogging platform)? That is saying something about Bluehost’s awesome products and quality of service. I recently wrote about my  5 Reasons to use Bluehost, and how you can grow your blog with Bluehost.

BlueHost Customer Service

In the past year, I have had two minor issues, and both were quickly resolved with help from their customer service department. I love that the customer service agents are available 24/7 when you use the online chat option, as well as a call center. With over 750 dedicated customer services agents it is no wonder my minor issues were quickly resolved.  They even have an excellent training center with short videos to help you navigate your way through any issues you may be dealing with. In my opinion, BlueHost is nailing the customer service game and seem dedicated to helping their users get the most out of their experience. As you know, I take customer service seriously (read my thoughts here) so I get excited when a company is actually committed to meeting their customer’s needs.


There are many pricing options with BlueHost and many hosting options. For most, shared hosting (meaning your website is on a shared server) is sufficient. You will pay upfront for at least year of service, (you have the option to choose a longer service term if you need) you will save far more upfront the longer your service term is. A year of shared hosting under the Basic Plan (roughly $80.00 you can add extras that will increase your price) will get you the following:

1 Website

50 GB in website space

1 Domain

5 Email Accounts

100 MB per account

I love that BlueHost allows for scalability, what my business needs were a year ago are not the same today. Due to their scalability, I can upgrade as I need when I need to. Another awesome perk is that BlueHost will conduct daily, weekly and monthly backups of your site. No need to stress about losing data when they do all the backing up for you.

Shared Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting

For most small businesses and blogs shared hosting from Bluehost is sufficient for their needs but what exactly is shared hosting? Well, hosting is where your website ‘lives’ on the internet. Whichever hosting provider you choose will store your data for your site on their server, hence they host your website. Shared hosting means that your site will live on a server with other websites. For most, this shared hosting option is not only the most affordable but also the most suitable for your web hosting needs. Dedicated hosting means your data will be stored on your very own server, no need for sharing here. This is for those who need serious hosting and this service will require some serious cash up front.

Complete thorough research and understand your hosting needs when you are looking for the right hosting provider. Bluehost remains the perfect fit for my web hosting needs, click to see if they will meet your needs. Afterall scalability is important for another looking to grow their blog and knowing you are with a hosting provider who can grow with you is paramount. Are you ready to level up your business? Enroll in my E-Course, Building Your Business Online Course and start growing your business today.

Cheers to Your Success!

 Ref J

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